Monday, 25 November 2013

Cheats for Pepper Panic Saga

the reason I have registered this Pepper Panic Saga Cheats domain is exactly the same as why I made 


Pepper Panic Saga Boosters

I do not think using boosters in Pepper Panic Saga is cheating. Do you think using ingame items that costs real world money is cheating in Facebook games?

But I do believe that all the Facebook games should be playable without paying for the boosters. The option Pay-To-Play vrs Play-for-free seems to make great communities. Or at least the gamers gathered in the groups, forums, forever lasting pm chain messages etc that I know and engage with are lovely folks that respect the fact that some want to play with boosters and don't mind paying for them. Other players don't want to pay for the boosters, they enjoy the challenge all too much

At the moment you get free Pepper Panic Saga boosters when you unlock the booster. As a little hint I want to urge you to either use them and take notes for yourselves so that you know what is a good booster to pay for and what boosters are just cheating you out of your spare change.;-) 

I am pretty sure that the undo booster will become my personal favorite, well, not when I play for the Youtube walkthrough  in the Pepper Panic Saga Level Help PLAYLIST, but most certainly I will invest in undo moves whenever I am going after the highscore.

There is some odd, almost sick satisfaction in tipping down your friends at highscore lists, I have been doing it since I was a young teenager and invited all my friends to play Tetris for Windows with me. I had a special TURBO button that made the TETRIS game really hard for friends that was endangering my top placements. But I really am all pro fair gaming, so the fun part wasn't actually cheating them, the fun was when I told them that they almost beat me and probably would have beat me good if they just had checked the front panel for that big fat button. ^_^

Thank you for reading this far, if you play Papa Pear Saga, you might want to consider using a slower computer if you get stuck really bad. I have a fairly fast PC (actually to be considered overkill for just Facebook gaming) as my main gaming tool, but whenever I can't pass a Papa Pear Saga Level even while surrounded by the expert papa Pear Saga gamers I give my windows machine a chance.